Why Koryu Uchinadi?

Banner-KU_montageI first met Hanshi Patrick McCarthy in the mid 90’s at a gasshuku in Hamilton, where he was teaching application principles of Naifunchun Kata (also familar to some as Naihanchi or Tekki) to a seminar group consisting of guests from around 5 different styles.  And here’s the thing that really blew me away; the movements he performed while doing the applications looked exactly like the movements in the kata. None of this fudging and saying ‘oh well, you know they had to tidy it up for the formal form’, and the applications were simple and effective.The light bulbs went off in my head.  Here, finally, was a place where there is no such thing as too many “why” questions.  Here was a place where I, as a 163cm woman, was not expected to be able to pull off exactly the same techniques in exactly the same way as a 182cm, 100kg guy.  Here I learnt the meaning of the word henka (variations).No matter what your previous experience, I believe that Koryu Uchinadi has something to offer you.  From beginners to black belts, hundreds if not thousands of martial artists around the world have benefited from the modern reconstruction of old principles that KU represents.With a focus on application principles and strong roots in traditional forms and values, KU presents both stand-up and ground techniques. Incorporating striking, defending, joint-locks and manipulations, throwing and grappling; the full curriculum covers an exciting range of techniques.For more information see:Koryu Uchinadi LineageKoryu Uchinadi on the IRKRS

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