Hello and welcome to the official website of The Hamilton Koryukan (formerly Kobukan Martial Arts). We have been training children, teens and adults in Hamilton for more than 20 years. Our Dojo (gym) is situated centrally in Rifle Range Road Hamilton (see the map under the Contact page).  We teach … Continue reading

Why Koryu Uchinadi?

I first met Hanshi Patrick McCarthy in the mid 90’s at a gasshuku in Hamilton, where he was teaching application principles of Naifunchun Kata (also familar to some as Naihanchi or Tekki) to a seminar group consisting of guests from around 5 different styles.  And here’s the thing that really … Continue reading

Classical Solutions for Modern Problems

Why Koryu Uchinadi?

Here, finally, was a place where there is no such thing as too many "why" questions... Here I learnt the meaning of the word henka (variations).

Kobudo: Weapons

In addition to the bō, we also learn canes, sai, tonfa, kama, bokken, tinbe & rochin and eku.